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Various Types of Agritourism: Direct Market, Education, Recreation, and Events

Agritourism offers a multitude of experiences for visitors to engage with agriculture. From direct market activities that connect consumers with fresh produce, to educational experiences that offer insights into farming practices, and recreational events that celebrate the agricultural lifestyle - agritourism provides diverse opportunities for both farmers and visitors. In this article, we explore the different types of agritourism and provide examples that highlight the profitability and benefits of these ventures.

Direct Market Agritourism

Direct market agritourism focuses on connecting consumers directly with farmers and their agricultural products. This type of agritourism often involves on-site sales, allowing farmers to bypass traditional distribution channels and establish a direct relationship with their customers.


  1. Farm Stands: Farmers set up roadside stands or on-farm markets to sell fresh produce, flowers, and other farm products directly to consumers. This direct interaction with customers helps farmers to build strong relationships while offering consumers the opportunity to purchase high-quality, locally grown items.

  2. Pick-Your-Own (PYO) Farms: PYO farms enable visitors to harvest their own produce directly from the fields or orchards. Customers pay a fee or by weight for the produce they gather. This interactive experience provides consumers with a sense of connection to the farming process while offering farmers an additional revenue stream. For more ideas of PYO crops, check out our Different Types of PYO (U-Pick) Farms and Crops Blog.

A successful direct market agritourism venture requires effective marketing and advertising strategies. Farmers can utilise social media platforms, local directories, and their own websites to promote their products and attract customers. Word-of-mouth recommendations and good signage are also important marketing tools in this sector. Agritisement UK are experts in this field (if you pardon the pun). Contact us today to start your successful agritourism venture.

Education-based Agritourism

Education-based agritourism helps bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by providing informative and engaging experiences on agricultural practices, sustainability, and rural life. These activities often aim to educate visitors about the importance and complexities of the agricultural industry.


  1. Farm Tours: Farmers offer guided tours of their farms, explaining various farming techniques, showcasing machinery, and demonstrating sustainable practices. Visitors gain insight into the daily operations of a working farm, fostering a greater appreciation for the agricultural sector.

  2. Workshops and Classes: Farmers host workshops or classes that teach visitors about specific aspects of agriculture, such as organic farming, flower arrangement, or cheese-making. These educational sessions provide valuable knowledge and hands-on experiences, allowing participants to learn directly from experienced farmers.

Once again, marketing is key for the success of your education based agritourism venture. Agritisement UK will set up an online booking system for you and your customers that will sync automatically with Google and Apple calendars. Offer a wide range of classes and tours that your customers will love. Contact us today to find out more.

Recreation Agritourism

Recreation agritourism offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities while immersing themselves in the natural beauty of rural landscapes. From camping under the stars to experiencing farm life firsthand through overnight stays, recreation agritourism provides a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.


  1. Camping: Many farms across the UK open their gates to campers, providing designated campsites amidst picturesque surroundings. Visitors can pitch tents, park camper-vans, or even rent cabins for a rustic getaway. Camping on farms offers a peaceful retreat from urban life, allowing guests to reconnect with nature while supporting local agriculture.

  2. Farm Stays: Farm stays have become increasingly popular as travellers seek authentic rural experiences. Farmers offer accommodations ranging from quaint cottages to luxurious guest suites, allowing guests to immerse themselves in farm life while enjoying modern comforts. Guests may participate in farm activities, interact with animals, and savour farm-fresh meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Marketing farm stays and camping experiences involves highlighting the unique features and amenities of each property. Farmers can create enticing listings on platforms like Airbnb and, showcasing the charm of their accommodations and the attractions of their farm. Engaging social media posts, captivating photography, and positive guest reviews can further enhance visibility and attract potential visitors. Partnering with local tourism organisations and participating in agritourism events can also help farmers reach a broader audience and increase bookings. Need help automating the customer booking process? And with professional content creation to entice customers to book? Contact Agritisement UK today.

Event-Based Agritourism

Event-based agritourism offers farmers the opportunity to host special events, gatherings, and celebrations on their farms, providing memorable experiences for visitors while generating additional revenue.


  1. Weddings: Farms provide a picturesque backdrop for weddings, offering scenic vistas, charming barns, and rustic ambiance. Couples can exchange vows surrounded by fields of flowers or under a canopy of trees, creating timeless memories in a natural setting. Farm weddings often incorporate elements of agriculture, such as hay bale seating, locally sourced cuisine, and farm-to-table décor, adding a unique and personalised touch to the celebration.

  2. Festivals: Agricultural festivals celebrate the harvest season and showcase the bounty of the land through music, food, and cultural activities. Farms host festivals featuring pick-your-own experiences, live entertainment, artisan markets, and farm-to-table dining. From apple festivals to pumpkin patches, these events attract visitors of all ages, fostering community spirit and promoting agritourism.

Marketing weddings and festivals requires careful planning and promotion to attract attendees and ensure the success of the event. Farmers can leverage social media platforms, event websites, and targeted advertising to reach their target audience and generate buzz. Collaborating with local vendors, musicians, and event planners can enhance the appeal of the event and create a memorable experience for guests. Providing convenient amenities such as ample parking, restroom facilities, and on-site accommodations can also enhance the guest experience and encourage attendance.

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Agritourism ventures, regardless of their type, offer farmers the opportunity to diversify their income streams and increase profitability. By engaging directly with consumers, educating visitors, and organising recreational events, farmers can generate additional revenue beyond traditional agricultural practices.

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