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I am Henry Barlow, proud founder of Agritisement UK (Agriculture Advertisement). With over nine years in the agritourism industry and a solid background in IT Management, I understand the importance of blending agriculture and tourism seamlessly. At Agritisement UK, our mission is to showcase the beauty and significance of agriculture through carefully curated experiences. From digital marketing to seamless event management, we cater to farmers seeking to thrive in or enhance their presence in the agritourism sector.  Contact us today to start planning your next agritourism event.

“Henry was instrumental from the start of this project. I relied on him in many ways to look after the digital strategy for the Dunham Pumpkin patch and he designed the website and started the social media pages for the business. I would say that his help was critical in the success of the whole project.”

Maximise Your Farmland

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your farmland? Agritisement UK offers a unique joint venture opportunity for landowners interested in setting up an agritourism event. With our expertise and your land, we can create a memorable experience for visitors while generating income for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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